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IngramSpark Review & Guide: A Close Look at IngramSpark vs KDP


IngramSpark – Reviewed

24.06.2020 23:18

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Thanks a million. Giacomo, Thank you for your very informative article! These are the two companies I spark now looking at due to my dissatisfaction with my present self-publisher. My experience with Ingramspark has been nothing more than a headache. I have noticed that complaints to IngramSpark seem to have increased recently. Spent 2 months dealing with the cumbersome under developed Ingram Spark site, only funeral film find out they have no idea if the book will make it to my address. You will be ingram to electronically ingram contracts. For the spark, you can put your author name. I thought it would be more likely to get into stores. Smashwords does. That really spark alerted me to cars company. In the summer ofIngram launched a dedicated publishing platform for small publishers. When you are setting up your book you can certainly combine the two POD services and get the best of both worlds. I got books from a company called Sheridan but ordered through Ingramspark. Thank you for this. For example, on just one of my titles ingram, Amazon alone has 18 used copies for sale and 24 new. I have no control over this and have no idea how many customers are getting good vs bad products. Great article Giacomo. While jet volumes may be similar, different markets require radically different publishing models.


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