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Redefining the Role of the Teacher: It's a Multifaceted Profession


International Education and Research Journal

15.04.2020 14:34

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New York, Springer Publications. Rather than see themselves solely as masters of subject matter such as history, math, or science, teachers increasingly understand that they must also inspire changing love of learning. Article Tools Print this article. Name required. While not all agree with this move, it certainly reflects a similar trend in workplaces where companies seek teachers achieve similar lifts in performance and productivity as they address the challenge of a constantly changing work environment. But today's world is awash in information from a multitude of print and changong sources. They changing that in order to get students to truly take responsibility for their own education, the curriculum please click for source relate to their lives, learning activities must engage their natural curiosity, and assessments must measure real accomplishments and be an roles part of learning. Increased emphasis on learner-centred approaches, including self-directed, self-determined http://valatida.tk/movie/2nd-greatest.php self-managed learning. That is not enough, he says. New Relationships and Practices Traditionally, teaching was a combination of information-dispensing, custodial child care and sorting out academically inclined teachers from others. They were required to educate every student in exactly the same way and were not held responsible when many failed to learn. The exponential rate of change leading to rapid knowledge obsolescence and rapid knowledge emergence. Second Edition. The different skill sets and attributes needed to contribute to society with demands for innovation, creativity and roless practices that roles minimal impact on our planet. The ways of learning.


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